Monday, November 30, 2009

Kindle Kover

As I mentioned before, knitting has been on a sort of a hiatus for the past couple of months. Between work and figuring out what it is that I would be doing after this year, there hasn’t been much time to do anything that takes real attention. I’ve resorted mostly to watching videos on my iPod Touch. I’m working on remedying that. I don’t want knitting to go down the same road that my reading has.

And this past Thanksgiving break may have just given me the recharge that I needed. Wanting a project to work on while I was visiting friends in Albany, I picked up a skein of Vanna’s Choice while shopping around and decided to make a cover for my beloved Kindle. And though to many knitters it would seem like something very simple, for me it was quite a step as I didn’t follow a pattern nor have I done anything other than a swatch in the round.

I started our by creating a swatch (yes Ms Stoller, I paid attention) and then calculated how many stitches it would take to cover both sides of my Kindle (thanks for reminding me that there are two sides to be covered Eileen). And then I started knitting in a rib stitch in the round. And two days later (possibly my quickest project ever) we have the piece below.

Kindle Kover:

I thought of it sort of like the larger version of the iPod socks I've seen before. I'm rather pleased with how it came out. Now for the next knitting project.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Knitting Hiatus

Unfortunately I've taken a sort of involuntary hiatus from knitting. It's been two months now since I've updated this blog, and about as long since I've actively worked on a knitting project. Work and planning for the future has made this necessary to an extent.

But, the cold is setting in and hopefully I'll change my fingers' impending atropy. To anyone out there: wish me luck.