Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It s really frustrating to realize how quickly time goes by. Mostly because when I log on to compose a new post, and realize that a month has gone by, I can't help but get incredibly annoyed with myself. A part of this is because there has been very little actual knitting in my life over the past few weeks, since I completed the sock I was demo-sock I was working on (photos to follow below).

Not without projects to complete, my knitting has been out aside because of (a) the lack of funds to get new yarn for some specific projects and (b) waiting on some circulars I should be getting soon. When someone in my organization saw my Kindle Kover recently, they complimented me on it and asked if I could make them one. Another person then reminded me that I was to make her a scarf. So right there we have two projects I need to jump on top of. Perhaps next month: I expect that certain things will have settled down greatly by then.

The demo-sock was a truly interesting experience. I finished off the foot and closed the toe during this years Grammy Awards. Note about closing the toe: I do not enjoy the Kitchener Stitch. In all of my knitting-related reading, the Kitchener Stitch is only discussed to if there is an opening disclaimer:

Dear Knitter, 
I am very sorry to talk to you about this closing stitch, I know it has a bad reputation, but really it isn't that bad. Just follow my written instructions with a few images to guide you and you'll be fine. 
Knitwear King

I should have known better. After fighting to weave my yarn tail in and out of the loops in what seems an odd pattern, I understand why people protest it so. The Three-Needle Bind Off that I taught myself for the Kindle Kover was by far easier than this method. I'm not certain that I'll be using it again in the future. In fairness of the technique: I did not use the aide of any online videos in learning how to do this sewing. Usually I used a mix of book instructions and online video instructions in order to learn a technique. Not the case for the Kitchener. Perhaps I'm just not there yet.
Here's a close up of the heel. I'm rather pleased with this part of it. 

And here's the entire thing. I have one real mistake that can't be seen, which is that I dropped a stitch when making the leg of the sock. Didn't realize where it was until much later. But that's what practice is for. As well, I had trouble spotting which where the edge stitches of the heel for creating the foot at first, but caught on in the end. Overall, I think it was a successful project.