Knitting Terms

Here's a list of some knitting-related abbreviations/acronyms that get throw around:

BO (or Bind Off) - the finished edge that closes the stitches and takes the project off the needles

CO (or Casting On) - is the first row of foundation stitches used to begin a knitting project

CC (or Contrasting Color) - the accenting color being used in a piece (there can be several)

DPN(s) (or Double-Pointed Needle(s)) - needles used for knitting in-the-round as they have points on both sides

circular(s) (or Circular Needle(s)) - are also used for knitting in-the-round, though they've been moving in on straights as they have been getting used for flat objects as well

FO - Finished Object

KIP - Knit-in-Progress or Knit-in-Public

LYS - Local Yarn Store

MC (or Main Color) - the color that most of your knitting project is worked in

UFO - Unfinished Object

RS (or Right Side) - the side of a piece that is meant to be seen (i. e., the outside of sweater)

straights- Straight knitting needles with only one point

tog - together

WS (or Wrong Side) - is the side of the piece that is not meant to be seen (i. e., the inside of a sweater)