Friday, April 30, 2010

Knit Something Already!

My interchangable needles are here! Or, they have beem since the 13th. I've been putting them to use since they day I got them, and have been knitting just about everywhere now. Originally I was suppose to receive a set for my birthday/Christmas. However, that set were placed on backorder without informing my incredible friend who had ordered them. So when they still hadn't arrived in February, I asked what had ever happened to them. He informed me that he called the company, told him what happened, and he canceled the order. Instead we went with the Denise Interchangeable Needles Kit, and I'm incredibly happy with them! I'll post a review on how well they work perhaps a little later.

Since I got my set of Denise Needles, there's been a familiar exchange between my boyfriend and me:

"What are you working on?" David asks, taking a break from whatever school project he's working on.
"Oh, I'm just practicing." I reply.
"Just make something already!" he says before he turns back to his work.
On some level, I find it all very amusing. Though I can see why it would frustrate him that I've been just sort of knitting swatches or practicing a new stitch. He's been waiting an awful long time for me to make him socks or a blanket, so I really do have to hop to it.

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