Saturday, May 15, 2010

Vermont, Part Deux

I'm up in Vermont again. GP is graduating from his cartooning program. Everyone else is still asleep in the apartment. As usual, I can't sleep for very long when I'm away from home, so I sat down at the computer for some light and continued to work on my swatch of a cable I'll be doing in my next project.

Since cables are usually done on a purling background, I wanted to see if purling would be necessary if I  knitted the cable stitches in a different color than the main work. I don't mind the idea of doing the purl, I just want to know what the effect will be like. I saw in another test swatch that the purling is desirable when using the same color as the rest of the work.

Oh, sun's really rising finally. Better start to get ready for the day. After just one more row.

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