Friday, August 7, 2009

Post Seminar

Finally! I've made it through my training sessions and can breathe for a few days. And knit. Sitting in all the sessions the past couple days, I had to repeatedly fight the urge to pull out the tote bag that I keep in my regular bag and start knitting away. (I'm starting to feel guilty about the BBBB not being done yet, but what is a boy to do?) And though the facilitators were very forward thinking and supplied Play Doh, pipe cleaners and other toys to keep our hands busy, I thought that my knitting may seem rude to some.

I have a friend who used to knit during class when we were going for our undergrad. No one ever said anything to her, but when she requested a recommendation she learned that professors did notice. The professor explained that watching my friend knit in class made her want to grab an object and hit her over the head. That is, until my friend would raise her hand and respond to a question, giving a brilliant answer. All was forgiven, but I fear that I would not have the chance to show people that I was in fact paying attention.

I'm slowly amassing a list of projects to undertake. A pair of gloves for my sister, a camera lens case for my friend, socks for DJ. I'm rather pleased to have the list growing steadily. I get the feeling that though this upcoming year and the commitment I've made will be great, I may need the occasional k2p2 to help me keep my patience.

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