Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mailer Daemon Unknown

Signed, sealed and delivered. Finally. 

On Thursday I stood in line at the post office to send my package of gifts including the Mixed Message Scarf for Eileen. After half an hour and a triple the size charge of what would have been 2-day delivery, I was told that the package would arrive the next day by 3 PM. GP would be leaving for Vermont on Sunday, so I left relaxed and feeling that everything should go fine.

Skip scene to Friday, 3:34 PM. I call GP to see if anything has arrived. He walks out to the mailbox, though he would have had to sign for the package. Mailbox empty. Though I'm annoyed that it is after 3PM and nothing has arrived, I feel secure in the fact that "Hey. It HAS to get there today, it's Express Shipping to Albany, NY. How long could it actually take?" 

Fast forward to Friday, 4:32PM. GP calls me starting off with "Those bastards!" I know it is either another rant on Walmart, or something has gone wrong with my package. Though GP was home all day, they decided that he wasn't home as there was no cars in the drive way. Never mind the fact that no one came up to the door, there were no footprints in the snow. No signs of any attempt to verify if anyone was home whatsoever. Just a "Sorry we missed you slip" in the mailbox across the street. Shoot!

But, thankfully today I get a call telling me that my fears may be calmed, as the gifts were received and much appreciated. And now that Eileen has gotten her gift, I can showcase the finished piece here: 

As my first adventure into the land of cables, I am rather enamored with them. Though it would not be approved of by Stafford, so I'll try to not go overboard with them.

A sidenote: I was on the subway two weeks ago, knitting the last leg of the scarf, when I noticed the a woman watching and half smiling from the corner of my eye. She continued to watch me until we hit 42nd Street--Times Square. I had put my knitting away just before we reached the stop. She walked toward the door to exit, but right before, she came over to me to commend me for my cable work. She said that it was such a delight to watch me make them. Though her mothered had tried to teach her how to make them, she never got the grasp of them. I thanked her and was left with a smile on my face as she got off the train.

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