Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Venturing Out

With little to do after work, I decided to attend a knitting group I found on Ravelry. While searching about the groups, I found one that meets on Monday night pretty close to my job, so yesterday evening I headed up to Houston from my job in Wall Street for an evening that I hoped would be filled with knitting, meeting new people and a pleasant ride home after. I was delivered on all three.

For the first time I got to meet a group of icons and forum posts on Ravelry in the flesh, and I was glad to have the opportunity. Everyone was very amiable, and my initial concerns of walking up to people I've never seen before, my hands full with a sandwich and water, were quickly allayed. I spent the evening working on my swatches and enjoying from delicious garlic bread, while we all talked about different knitting techniques, where we were from, our likes and dislikes of trains, transfers and the boroughs we have, and currently do, call home.

A point that was particularly interesting was listening to one of the knitters who is originally from France talk about the idea of circular needles in France. She said that the needles are so closely associated with Germany that they are often referred to as German needles. And are not easy to find in France because of this. For knitting in-the-round, your only option are DPNs. Makes me pretty glad that I became such a fan of them when I was working on my Kindle Kover. Though when I'll be in France, I do not know. But it is nice to know I'll be French knitting prepared.

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