Monday, January 25, 2010


It's a rainy and cloudy day in New York City today. I was foolish enough to leave my house with a hood-less jacket and no umbrella, with a large box handicapping me from my usual walking speed. But a fairly decent cup of coffee once I got into the office brighten the mood--that and knowing that my knitting, kindle and iPod all managed to avoid getting wet.

So though I'm nearly at the end of the demo sock, I'm a bit fearful of picking up the needles again to finish it off. I avoided knitting for most of last week, but when I tried to pick up the DPNs yesterday, I still felt the stiffness in my wrist when I got my hand into position to do Continental. It wasn't as strong when I switched over to English, but was definitely still there. Perhaps after a couple more days of rest, I can pick it back up again?

I've been doing some research on the boards at Ravelry, and it seems that such occurrences (elbow, wrist, finger pain, etc.) among fiber artists in general is not rare. Though it seems to manifest itself differently in everyone, and each person has different methods. Whether it's knitting with different size yarn and needles, or taking a break every 20 minutes, there seem to be as many approaches as there are cures for hiccups. I've been thinking of getting myself a wrist brace. Though I still feel that a large part of it has to do with the sheer amount of knitting I did from the 14-18th.

Back to knitting. As requested by one of my previous readers, I've attached below a photo of the demo sock, with its still unfinished foot and toe:

As you can see, I'm using the spare yarn from the Kindle Kover. I think I've gotten a hang of the idea of making a sock. Now there's just the finishing of it.

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